who is ole hickory ham mike and why is he texting me


“What’s up man?”
“Hi, first of all thank you for acknowledging me. You’re only the 5th person that acknowledged me today and I’ve been out here since 8am. I need a little help and I’d rather have 1000 no’s in one day than be ignored by people.”
“Of course, what do you need?”
He says, “Well I’m trying to get soup over here and” so I start to take out my wallet. “Wait!” he says. “I’d rather you buy the food for me than give me the money.”
“Why’s that?”
“I’m just trying something different so you have a different feeling when you walk away.”
“It’s all good man, I operate on vibes. You seem like a good guy to me. I trust you.”
“Thank you for treating me like a human being.”


Brand New - “Missing You” (Live at the Tabernacle - 10/15/14)

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